Newsletter – Fall 2016

Fall?  Already?  

The first year of production from Zettel Family Farms is drawing to a close.  The days are getting shorter, the nights colder and weeks until winter freeze up fewer and fewer. “Swiftly fly the years…”

We hope that all of you who are reading this will watch the new video that we worked on during the summer.  Those who attended our Farm Tour and Barbecue in July have already had a taste of what the video tries to deliver; an introduction to the family and to the farm.  You may even spot yourself in the crowd!

We would like everyone who eats food from our farm to know about the farm, how the animals are kept and cared for, and what “Organic, Grass-fed” means.  The best way for you to gain a true understanding is to come to the farm – to see with your own eyes and ask your questions directly.  But even though we are committed to letting this happen, through events like the farm tour, we know that not everyone will make it out to the farm, so the next best thing is a virtual tour – by video.  Tell us what you think!

As you will hear, we are proud of our heritage as a family ‘on the land’, and determined to passit on to the next generation. We believe that making a direct connection with families who buy our products is one of the keys to success in this venture. We want you to know us – who we are and what motivates us. In a world where the average food molecule travels thousands of miles from production to consumption, where most of what is eaten is highly processed, of questionable quality and anonymous origin, we think we can offer a sensible alternative.

Here’s the deal:

We deliver the best food that money can buy. Anywhere at any price! Check it out. There is no better produce than local, fresh, certified organic. There is no better beef, pork or chicken than certified organic, grass-fed, locally grown. The way we can deliver this ‘high end’ product at reasonable prices is the direct relationship between the us, the farmers and the you, the eaters. When you place an order with Zettel Family Farms you are choosing to by-pass a complex, wasteful, time and energy consuming food system which invariably lowers the nutritional value of the food while increasing the cost. And you have the assurance that comes from knowing and trusting the farmers that grew the food!

Important Product Updates


If you haven’t already ordered, please do so as we have only limited supplies of both turkeys and beef.  Turkeys are ready fresh for Thanksgiving (deliveries on Thursday Oct 7, and Friday Oct 8) or frozen for Christmas.


Beef will be on a first come-first served basis this fall and winter.  The best way to ensure your supply is to speak for a side or mixed quarter; what we call a split side, well in advance.

Pigs on Pasture

We continue to marvel at how happy and healthy the pigs are out in the pasture field.  Going out to move the fence every day so that they have fresh grass is one of the most pleasurable experiences on the farm.  Pigs of all sizes love to roam, eat grass and dig in the ground.  They are intelligent and inquisitive – really fun to watch.

We know that our pork is a very unique product. When driving around the countryside, you seldom see pigs outside.  For those of you who buy our chicken and beef but haven’t tried the pork yet, we highly recommend trying a $100 box.  This will give you a taste of the naturally cured bacon and ham, fresh farmer’s sausage and chops.


As you know, our chickens are raised on pasture in movable pens.  Twice a day we slide the enclosure forward onto fresh grass to supplement the organic grain diet.  While this method makes for happy, healthy birds and produces a superior flavor and texture of meat, the downside is that we can only do it in the summer.  That means that whatever birds are in the freezer this fall have to last until next June.  So if you haven’t ordered yet, please do.  Some of our customers have been kind enough to give us their anticipated requirements at the beginning of the year, which really helps us in planning the production.  Also keep in mind the 10% discount for orders of 10 chickens or more.

First Year of Mark and Emily’s CSA

The first year of our vegetable CSA has been a success so far. We faced some big challenges with the prolonged drought in the middle of the season, but we are happy to say we pulled through it and kept most of the plants alive! We are grateful to our members for signing up for the first year, also our first time growing vegetables for anyone other than ourselves.

The challenges of this year have been very instructive, and we are confident that with the experience we’ve gained we will be able to meet our members’ needs ever more readily. We already have big plans for next year, including offering more CSA shares, planting berries and an apple orchard, and installing an irrigation system.

We are enjoying our CSA program so far and we are encouraged to hear that many of our members are as well. We are also looking forward to spending the winter looking through seed catalogues and making plans!

We encourage anyone new who is interested in signing up for next year to join our newsletter mailing list or contact us directly. We will be sending out an email in the winter to invite new members to sign up, and space will be limited.

Please check out our renewed website!

If you have any questions or comments, Ted’s cell # is 519 881-8773.

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